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10 year later, the Canon 5D Mark II still produces beautiful video.

It's been 10 years since the Canon 5D Mark II forever changed the industry. Since then large sensor interchangeable lens cameras have flooded the market, offering much more professional video options than the 5Dii, but as I found out last weekend, the 5Dii paired with a trusty nifty fifty (50mm f/1.8) can still produce a crowd pleaser on social media.

Low tech specs, beautiful gamma and color science.

With that said, I would not use the 5Dii for professional work, outside of highly specialized needs. It's lack of professional features to check things like critical exposure and focus, along with a highly compressed low bit rate codec, make it nearly impossible to nail settings in camera, and even harder to correct in post, headaches I prefer to leave in the past. But, if you've got a project not requiring critical focus, or exposure, or 4k, tons of latitude, etc, and you simply want a great looking, fun little video, slap a $80 50mm f/1.8 on and have fun trying to rack focus while shooting handheld wide open at f/1.8. Altogether you can have a hip little setup for around $700, with small files that won't suck up all your external drives. You'll have a camera built like a tank that costs relatively little that can be tossed in your bag and not stressed over a few bumps in the road. Additionally, it's still takes killer raw stills for professional work not requiring high ISO or the best autofocus.

In a controlled setting with good lighting, the 5Dii still delivered top quality images.

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